Tuesday 29-Jun-2004

It's been almost a year since "Ruby" and I started this blog, and this journey into looking for connections into what was at that point a new musical realm for me. At that point I had done the one recording session for Paula (and the album had not yet been released) and played second violin in the outdoor musical with my teacher Meredith's band, the Shelley Winters Project. I was starting to play the "blind band dating game", answering and posting ads to look for a group to join.

Things have changed a great deal since then! Some of the highlights and major changes have been:

  • I've played in a number of local venues: The Lizard Lounge, Zuzu's, Midway, Johnny D's; as well as further afield, in Plymouth and Galaxy Hut in Virginia.

  • I'm a fulltime member of two bands (The Rescue Party and The Gobshites), plus an auxiliary member of two others (PKO and Ad Frank), so am playing out at least once a month if not more.

  • I've done studio work for several other people, and am featured in six tracks of an upcoming alt-country album by one person.

  • I've sung on stage a couple of times (a new experience sans chorus) and hope to do more.

  • I played the Orpheum in the string section of a Motown/Soul show.

  • Things have changed for the people around me, too: Shelley is no more, Paula is moving to LA in the fall, Meredith is suddenly the interim director of the New School of Music and so is no longer teaching.

  • I'm actually considering whether I might want to teach a few adults.

With that much accomplished in only one year, it's difficult to think of setting goals for the coming 12 months:

  • I'm hoping to get some air play on one or more projects (it would be nice if that alt-country album got into rotation on WUMB).

  • I'd like to play at Passim's, just to have done it (might get to do so with someone in August).

  • I'm shopping for a 5-string acoustic violin, which I hope will be better than my current acoustic for playing amplified once I get a permanent pickup installed.

  • Getting into some bigger venues, perhaps as an opener for a more national act (the GS already have a connection with NYC band Black 47, which is a start).

  • Although right now I've got enough band gigs coming in, I'd like to work up a solo set - that way I could play pretty much anywhere at any time.

Who can say what will happen in the coming year? I've already learned saying something is NOT likely only results in it appearing in my life, so what's really unlikely? Playing the Tweeter Center? Madison Sq. Garden (do they even have concerts there now?)? Carnegie Hall?! Stay tuned for the next twist!


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