Tuesday 02-July-2003

I'm of two minds about doing this. Literally - there's Betty the Logical Introvert, and the Extroverted Rock Grrl, whose name seems to be Ruby (as in "Ruby Tuesday"). No, I don't have multiple personality disorder - I'm a student of Jungian psychology, and this is more like an exercise in Active Imagination, wherein I'm bringing things up from my unconscious by having a discussion with a dream figure.

Ruby: What's the big deal? Stuff's going on, we're getting out there, it's fun! Don't be such a prig!

Betty: But why would anyone be interested? And what's going to go here anyway?

Ruby: You just let me take care of that - I've been waiting a long time to play decent music that feels like something, and other people like me will find it interesting.... Besides, I'm not bugging you about a tattoo, right?

Betty: Yeah, but you keep popping up with that piercing idea...

Ruby: Just an ear! Anyway, you can always pull the pages if you get too uncomfortable.

Betty: That's true... (Note to self: put a robots meta on these)


Well, enough of that for now. What's on my mind recently is how looking for a band to join feels like when I used to answer personal ads looking for a date. The similarities are fairly clear:

  • responding to someone about whom I have only the snippet of information about themselves they have posted;
  • my trying to give enough information in my reply that I seem appealing without going overboard on detail (I love detail, but know it can overwhelm someone as a first impression) and also do not give an impression that I'm someone I'm not just to fit someone else's criteria;
  • knowing that at any part of the process the other person may
    decide just to stop communicating/ditch a meeting/etc.

But I'm also realizing that this is a different process. For one thing, it makes more sense to post ads looking for musical collaborators, as the chances of just running into appropriate potential band members in a social situation is much less that that of meeting a person at a bar or party that is of the appropriate gender for potential dating.

I've answered several ads, had one interview/jam with a guy who was nice but whose music wasn't what I wanted (not enough energy), and have another interview in July. I've posted my availability one several websites - nothing from that yet. It's been suggested that I make up flyers advertising my availablity to post at places musicians visit. That's probably a good idea, but I'm hesitant about putting my phone # so much out in public - vague fears of being harrassed. But I'll do it eventually, just use one of my work #s that don't return an address on Google.

I'm also starting the voice class at Longy next week. I haven't sung regularly since college, but I can see myself doing backup vocals as well as playing, so I'm looking forward to getting back into that, and hopefully learning more about where/how to sing and breathe.


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