Wed 30-Aug-2006

Interesting week - I've now had a new musical experience which had not even occurred to me previously to pursue: participating in the creation of a film score.

It all happened in kind of a rush: Rev. Bob has been in communication with a couple of independent film makers (one local, one in Europe) recently who had expressed some interest in using some of his/the band's music in their new features. One of them had gotten into a time squeeze: the musicians whose music he'd originally planned to use got signed by a label, who then started in with a bunch of legal demands that had to be met before he'd be allowed to use a note... and he had a deadline coming up to submit a trailer to the company who wants to distribute the film. So I was expecting Bob would want to do something about recording in the near future.

Fortunately I've been in the habit recently of bringing an acoustic (with pickup) violin to RBD practices (rather than an electric - easier to hear without monitors when the vocals are going through a PA) - because when I arrived last week I found Bob had brought his recording board back (after moving out of the Allston house - we continued to practice there during August) and instead of practice we were doing a quick recording of his 2-minute instrumental arrangement for the trailer! The film maker needed the finished track THAT WEEKEND for a sudden invitation to submit it to a film festival.

So one take and four punches later I was done - not my best work, but good for the limited time allotted. This week I saw a QuickTime movie of the trailer with the soundtrack attached (somewhat chopped up as the original 2-minute track had to be quickly cut when it turned out the film fest required a ONE-minute trailer). Sorry I can't post a link to that yet, but when it's publicly available I will (or if you know me, drop me a line...)

I was surprised - hearing myself playing on a soundtrack is somehow different than listening to myself on a CD or radio show, or even a video of a gig. I'm not sure why... maybe it has to do with being part of something that is not mainly about the music, but which would be much less interesting without the music supporting it.

Bob's hopeful that this will lead to more scoring for him, and recording of it for the band, as both film makers seem seriously interested. Spending lots of time in the studio can be tedious, but there's something appealing about it, too (which is a good thing considering the two recent weekends I also just spent at Wellspring working on the next Gobshites CD).


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