Monday 21-July-2003

I'm still not used to how happy I am to be working with music in this way now. I'm full of energy and enthusiasm, to the point where I frequently cannot get to sleep when I go to bed.

Friday was a really good day, for some reason - I think it was the synchronicity of getting an audio of the Things performance just as I was about to contact Bill about whether he could give me something like that from his audiovisual tapings that weekend, plus recalling the feeling of that project while reviewing the CD. I managed to find a couple of sections to clip for audio samples, but still need to do some original work for a demo CD.

That energy/enthusiasm carried over into the weekend. I lugged over all of my equipment and spent about 7 hours in my studio Saturday and Sunday. Some of that time went into working out a part for the MP3 sent me by a songwriter who wants a violin track, and the rest into trying to come up with a variety of samples. By about 3pm Sunday I had to call it quits for the day - my mind was still working, but I could tell my physical energy was dragging and I wasn't doing good work anymore.

I also need to find more musician friends - ideally locally to go to clubs and discuss bands, music, etc. from a performer's perspective, but I'd settle for some available mostly by email. Maybe I'll meet people at the Art of Improv workshop in about 10 days. I'm a bit embarrassed by how much email I send Meredith at times, but right now she's almost the only person I know who gets what I'm feeling.

At least I've finally figured out why I've got the analyst I have. I started with him about 2 years ago when my former one retired, and for about 18 months wasn't sure I was getting anything out of it. But now that I'm working with this energy re music he fits right in, since he is a musician!

He made an interesting observation this week: until recently I'd bring pages of highly detailed dream material to each session; but now I bring only one or two dream snippets, very short but directly to the point of whatever my unconscious is working on. He sees this as resulting from my now having an avenue of expression through music for energies that were bottled up before. So I guess it's not just the result of sleeping less!


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