Monday 14-July-2003

Almost forgot it's my birthday. Probably because there's nothing particular planned for it today - we're going to Evoo's for dinner, but not until Saturday night. Joann was very generous about contributing to my purchase of a Canon digital camera including the trade-in value of her old 35mm SLR for my main present, but we did that in May. I usually want her to hold onto pre-birthday present stuff until the day (by which point I've forgotten it), but as she pointed out it was better for me to have it sooner, so I could take pix of recent Shelley gigs. We also both agreed that in lieu of cakes that we would feel compelled not to waste and thus eat too much, instead we both have "credit" for several desserts of our choice at Pemberton's over the next few weekends.

But I've got more recent "presents", too. I'm getting email from people interested in adding a violin to their projects. Had a good interview yesterday with a singer/songwriter who wants to gig in the area and liked my playing, so that's in progress. Still need to meet with another group that's more rock style, and get back to someone else looking to add a violin part to a song.

It's 'way too early yet to say whether any of these will be a long-term commitment. Right now I see all these things as sort of browsing through the local scene so that I can see what's there, and can be seen in turn, as I suspect there will also be good opportunities that I won't find through public web boards.

I'm doing better, at times, about putting the energies of my enthusiasms toward my own goals. It's easy for me to encourage and help other people I like towards their goals, but until recently I didn't do that for myself. I don't always get over that reticence the first time an opportunity shows up (e.g., I wanted to approach a band after attending their performance and give them my card, but another part of me felt it would inconvenience J. if I hung around their table waiting for an chance to schmooze), but am working on noticing and following through on self-promoting opportunities (e.g., I did drop that band an email asking to be kept in mind if they need a string player later, and got a nice reply).

If I am not for myself,
Who will be for me?

If I am only for myself,
What am I?

If not now,

-- Hillel

Well, whether or not I remember my birthday, I still need to go out and get a card for Joann's, which is next Monday!


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