Monday 2-Feb-2004

It's been an unpleasant weekend for two of our three cats. On Friday Captain the Maine Coon boy had eight teeth removed. Cat "cavities' aren't like people cavities - they are called "resorptive lesions" and cannot be patched with fillings, because they will continue to get worse unless removed. He'd had a few removed previously, and still has some left. He's only 6 years old, but was a semi-feral kitten so probably didn't get adequate nutrition from his mother. He's doing well, though, and still insists on eating the dry food.

Today it was 18 year-old Kirby's turn. She's had some removed before as well, but this time the vet decided all the rest had to go! She's got impaired kidney function, so will take longer to recover from the anesthetic and pain meds (and will have more of the latter to take at home), but the vet says she's already awake enough to be washing her face - probably like Captain was before the novocaine-equivalent wore off: "why can't I feel my face?"

I feel badly for putting them through this, but hope that it actually makes their lives better - the vet said in both cases that their teeth were so painful that even under full anesthetic when she touched the teeth they would "chatter" from the pain!

But given the cost I think we'll wait a few months before taking Brid back for a followup ultrasound to try to determine if she has a heart murmur...


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