Tuesday 6-Jan-2004

I'm feeling kind of ... not sure how to put it - whatever it is when I'm between opportunities to make music. After several gigs and band rehearsals last month, currently I don't have another band practice until the 17th, a recording session scheduled for last weekend got postponed until the guy can get his 8-track setup repaired, a couple of other session contacts from the last few months have indefinitely postponed due to personal issues, and so far my next possibility for a live performance isn't until Feb. 28th, if that ends up happening. I'm feeling desperate enough that I agreed to go to the Boston Celtic Music Fest on Saturday with Joann with the idea of sitting in on some of the sessions at the Burren, even though that's not my usual musical style. There's a jazz jam tonight at the Green St. Grill, but that doesn't start until 11:30pm, which is kind of late for a work weeknight.

I'd like to think the band will start playing out soon, but I don't know if it will - we seem somewhat hung up by lacking a keyboardist and needing some more up-tempo songs to balance the set. I'd be happy to start out with doing 3-5 song mini-sets at some multi-band showcases or open mics.

Meanwhile I'll keep scanning Craig's List, Berklee, etc., maybe post another availability notice for myself, and hang out at places where other musicians will get used to seeing me and think of adding a violin to their mix, like the Maxies this week.


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