Monday 01-Jan-2007

A busy year past...

First, some statistics:

  • 102 gigs
  • 201 sets (i.e., some shows have 1 45-50 min. set, some 2 or 3)
  • 62 hours in recording studios
  • 10 different bands (live performance and/or studio recording)
  • 38 different clubs (plus private functions)


  • Club played most often : The Abbey Lounge - 14 times (due to the run of Pub Stage solo fiddling)

  • Most performances with one band: The Gobshites (duh!)

  • Most performances in one night : Night of the Living Betty, aka the Halloween Skybar show at which I played a solo set as Reverse Polish Notation, two String Sluts sets, plus headlined with Rev. Bob & the Darkness.

  • Most prep. for one performance : a tie between creating five String Sluts trio arrangements for a wedding, and multiple rehearsals with incomplete/poorly transcribed scores for Di eVano Latin String Quartet show.

  • Largest Club audience : probably The Paradise with Rev. Bob & the Darkness - close to 500

  • Largest overall audience : the Harpoon Brewery shows with The Gobshites - well over a thousand.

  • Furthest away from home gig : Pub session in Bath, England.

  • Show I enjoyed the most : Rick Berlin's CD release party at the Lizard Lounge. For a number of reasons: I felt honored at being allowed to contribute a performance, and enjoyed all the other guests as well; the debut of the String Sluts amazed everyone; I proved to myself that I could do that type of arrangement using only a recording as reference; I love playing @ the Liz - wish I could do more there.

  • Best new band experience : {The Milling Gowns} - I really enjoy working with the members, and the music style.

  • Worst playing experience : a recording session with someone who wasted my time by trying to record me plus (without telling me up front) a backing vocalist PLUS a backing harmony chorus with no prior preparation/choice of materials communicated, no charts or lyrics for the singers, ALL in three hours...

  • Best new gear acquired : My Fishman Loudbox Performer amp - great sound, loud enough to compete with The Gobshites. Honerable mention to my eBay acquisition of a Tucker Barrett 6-string electric violin.
(And yes, I still fit a FT day job in, too...)

I think I'll save coming up with goals for the new year for another day...


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