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New Tribute to The Ramones

New York Dolls & Dead Boys are united to say "Todos somos Ramones" ("We are all Ramones").

30 years after the sprouting of the New York punk band scene, groups like the New York Dolls and Dead Boys are united to say "Todos Somos Ramones". The new album tribute to the legendary New Yorkers is a double CD with 60 tracks that will be on sale in the middle of November.

This work will be part of a Box-Set which includes a book of 52 pages with photos and unpublished texts and special articles by Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone and Arturo Vega (artistic director of the band). On the disc also will be The Boys, The Fuzztones, The Lurkers, Blackfire, The Huntingtons, Sonny Vincent and Stop (the band of Mickey Leigh, the brother of Joey Ramone).

In Argentina, Friday 19 of November its launching will be a fiesta in Cromagnon Republic will be celebrated with the presence on stage of CJ Ramone next to locals like the Rapists, Secret Spies, Expelled and Plan 4 (ex- Root).
Rolling Stone LA | 13.10.2004 | RS digital
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